Private 1:1 and small group classes.

Special events - adding a yoga class to your celebrations, e.g. hen parties, birthdays.

At your location or another venue as required.

Customised to meet every student's needs. Along with the physical elements of yoga, including fluidity of movement and working towards increased flexibility and strength, I share information about meditation and the effective use of props to support you in your practice, as well as guidance.

Private classes are the perfect way for me to work individually with you to create a highly customised and personalised practice, ideal for those that may be tentative about trying public yoga, who are beginners or are managing a medical or some other physical challenge, or have a specific goal to achieve physically or mentally.



Commonly called "Vinyasa flow" or just "flow" is a dynamic yoga, where you move - flow - from one pose to the next. Other than often starting with a series of ‘sun salutations’ to warm the whole body, no two classes will be alike. It is one of the most popular styles of yoga as it is dynamic and allows students to develop from beginner poses into a more advanced practice, which could include arm balancing and inversions. Flow can also be practised in a heated room.


Power yoga has become popular because it suits students who are interested in learning yoga poses and want to be physically fit by focusing more on the physical aspects rather than the spiritual and meditative elements of a traditional yoga practice. Power & Core yoga is dynamic and involves doing traditional, modified and a variation of yoga poses in rapid succession with emphasis on physical elements of a practice, working with your core and building strength and flexibility. When people hear “core yoga” they immediately think of how yoga can be used for weight and core strength training. The main difference between core yoga and the typical core strength training is that the former thrives on the concept of breath and breathing as the root of inner strength.


Yin is a deliciously deep, meditative and reflective practice, in which floor-based postures are held for an extended period of time. Unlike a dynamic ‘yang’ practice that works the muscles through repetition, Yin works the deeper layers of the body such as the joints, tendons, ligaments, bones and fascia, the connective tissue. Yin is a deeply healing and nourishing practice with profound physical, emotional and energetic effects. During challenging times in our lives, our emotions can deplete our bodies of energy. The nourishing practice of Yin yoga helps to restore that energy for overall well-being. Yin is the perfect balance to every other activity you do.


Often called Hot Yoga as you practice yoga in around 40°C heat and in 40% humidity. The standard Bikram class of either 90 or 60 minutes consists of 26 poses and 2 breathing exercises. The practice is split between around 75% standing poses and 25% floor series. There is a lot of alignment work so it is the perfect fit for beginners. The heat of the room allows the body to open quickly, so going deeper in postures early in the class is possible. These are studio based public classes only.


Classes focus on slow and gentle movements, so it is a great yoga for all levels. This slower style of practice allows students to build and develop a good foundation for their practice which will prepare them for a lifetime of yoga.




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